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Book Endings continues the drama as Robin Walker endures hardships.

Picking up right where Call Numbers left off, Book Endings opens with a life in the balance. While Robin Walker tends to his personal problems, the 58th Street Branch Library is on the verge of tearing apart. Lines are being drawn as the rivalry that began in first book grows, with staff members taking sides.

Some stand with Sonyai Yi, who believes in the good of the branch, protecting it's integrity above everything else. While others stand with Augustus Chavez, who believes in favoritism and selling out the branch to the highest bidder. As a power struggle ensues for how to service the public, more secrets and deception lead to mistrust among all the staff.

As Robin Walker comes to terms with the death of his grandfather, Tommy Carmichael prepares to welcome to new addition to his family, but will it come at a cost? Life hangs in the balance, and a heartbreaking departure threatens to change the 58th Street Branch Library forever.