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Call Numbers introduces us the staff of the 58th Street branch library.

Fourteen individuals from all walks of life and the intertwined stories that links them together. Some may come and go, while others readers will follow until the end of the series.

Book 1's main story and the character's focus is around Robin Walker. A unique individual who is going to college, while working part-time for the New York Public Library and has been assigned to begin at 58th Street when we begin reading.

His interactions with the rest of the staff when he arrives is not welcoming unfortunately, but it wouldn't be a drama if he actually fit right in, would it? Robin had the misfortune of taking the place held by his supervisor, Senior Clerk, Sonyai Yi set aside for the eldest Library Page, Janelle Simms, who unfortunately is also pregnant with her first child. Sonyai protects her pages as well as the other clerks of the branch, treating Robin as an outsider at first. But after some hardships, he finally earns the respect of his new supervisor.

As the rest of the staff face challenges, Robin also deals with personal problems at home as his guardian and Grandfather falls ill. Ending the novel with a devastating cliffhanger.